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20 % of the world’s population lack access to electricity but a vast majority lives in sunny area.

At Soitec, we believe that solar energy is the answer that truly makes a difference, bringing electricity to those who need it while helping curb climate change. However, the widespread adoption of solar energy requires both technological innovation and a concerted effort to drive local development.

Sunidarity, a Soitec initiative, will help provide energy to electricity-poor areas with the goal of contributing to social and economic development.

Sunidarity is backed by Soitec’s more than 1,500 employees and partners, united by a commitment to improve the lives of people by giving them access to clean and reliable electricity. It relies on concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) technology which is almost twice as efficient as conventional silicon systems.

For the 1st edition, 3 projects have been awarded:

  • Arcenciel Liban (Lebanon)
  • Fondation Énergies pour le monde
  • Palestinian Hydrology Group for Water & Environmental resources Development (PHG)

And another one was specially selected by Soitec: Zanmi Lasanté-PARIS.